Professional Vocal Evaluation

Not sure where to start? No idea what ‘level’ you’re at? Think you can’t sing? Maybe you don’t want to commit to lessons right now or just need a few pointers to put you on the right track.

If you want to understand more about your voice – we offer a free vocal evaluation to help you on your way to singing success!

Simply record yourself singing all or part of a song (show us your best bits!), and send us the link to a video of you singing on Youtube. Don’t worry you can set videos to private so the world won’t see :-). If you are not sure how to do this we have created a help file here. Alternatively you can send us a link to a soundfile or recording using SoundCloud or a similar package.

The recording does not have to be professional quality but the clearer you can make it and the less background noise the better we will be able to evaluate your voice. If we can also see you (Youtube option) we can evaluate extra things like posture and mouth shape etc.

Once we have reviewed your link, you will receive a personalized report with a complete vocal critique of your singing abilities along with suggestions on how to improve.

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Please describe your voice in your own words and tell us about your chosen song. Don't forget to add your link!