iconIntroducing our *NEW* 1 day course

Supercharge your voice and design your own sound!

Are you a singer or an actor? Maybe you just like to sing and are interested in exploring what the voice can do?

If you’ve ever wondered how Maria and Beyonce do it? How Aretha still hits her high notes effortlessly? How Brian Johnson from ACDC or Steve Tyler can still even sing after all these years of ‘abuse’, or how artists like Tom Waits use vocal effects and interpretaiont to tell a story with just one note?

Our 1 day course can show you how to design your own unique sound, stay healthy and stand out from the crowd!

We’ll cover topics like:  

  • How the Voice works
  • Using your body to support your voice
  • Breakdowns of famous voices
  • Dispelling vocal myths
  • Extremes of the voice
  • Level up your sound with vocal Effects
  • Interpreting Lyrics to tell a story
  • Vocal Recipes for success

And most of all… How to keep your voice healthy for many years to come!

Join Vidi Dolev and Jackie Hole in a unique workshop that includes practical exercises for better support, avoiding unintentional voice breaks, and a whole heap of technical vocal mastery.

Our workshop will include a hands-on one on one masterclass session for a limited number of vocalists and unlimited places for anyone looking to learn by watching others being taught without having to put themselves in the spotlight.

All active vocalists have a professional voice lesson of 30 minutes. As such we can only teach 8 active par.ticipants in a single session. Book early to avoid disappointment

Venue Details coming soon!

Course Tutors:

15136022_10153989650955911_755804080948933043_nJackie Hole
Jackie is a professional vocal coach and trainer and extremely advanced vocalist who sings a wide variety of styles. With an impressive 4.6 octave range (A2 – D#7) and the incredible ability to hit that high belt note with ease she is keen to sharing that knowledge with you!

Specialising in Soul, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical Jackie gigs regularly all styles. Her teaching experience has seen her working with teenagers and adults with workshops in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Bands include: The Super Things, Wolowitz, Solo


vidiDavidavi (Vidi) Dolev
Experienced vocalist and composer from Israel, Vidi is a signed artist (pitch black records) who regularly tours which is testament to the fact that with the correct technique you won’t damage you voice making crazy sounds!

As a professional vocal coach and voice consultant, Vidi has given vocal workshops in Israel, Norway Austria, Switzerland and many other parts of Europe. Specialising in experimental music, Metal and Punk, Indie and Underground – Vidi has been advisor and coach on over 40 albums from International artists serving the singer’s expression by creating larger palate of vocal choices.

Bands include: Omb,Gunned Down Horses, Reign of the Architect to name but a few!