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fringe2017Calling All Performers @edfringe

Are you a performer at the Edinburgh Festival? Will you be using your voice night after night or maybe shouting at passers by on the street to promote your event?

Then you’re going to need to look after your voice.

Seeing as we are going to be staying in Edinburgh for the month of August, we thought we would help others in our downtime and offer FREE vocal training for performers at the EdFringe to help them stay ‘match fit’ for the shows they are running.

Our ticketed Vocal Bootcamps & Masterclasses run every weekend during the festival which gives us the rest of the week to help you guys for free…

Free?? YES FREE!

First Timer or Professional?

Whether you are a seasoned pro who is bringing a performance to Edinburgh or a First timer who’s put it all on the line and re-mortgaged your grans house to put on a show – we salute you!

As performers ourselves we know first hand that a loss of your voice can mean a loss of your confidence or worse – the loss of your show.

We want you to remain vocally healthy for the duration of the Festival and make sure you can keep entertaining the masses… As such we are offering vocal fitness sessions at our venue during weekday evenings for performers at the festival FREE OF CHARGE to a limited number of performers.

What’s the Catch?

Well there really isn’t one.  However, we can only run sessions on a first come first served basis and only have capacity for 15 free spots per session so you do need to book. However, if you have a venue that fits more or a show that has more than 15 people – we’d be happy to drop in to you any time of the day!


Register Your Interest Below:

…and we’ll let you know as soon as we go live with the calendar!

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